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Note: as of March 06, this conference was cancelled by the organizers; perhaps next year it will resume.


Some decades ago, a generation of questers pursued a spark of interest to delve into the human spirit in ways previously unknown. They kindled that spark and brought to humanity a fire, a flame that warmed souls and shone light on paths of wisdom. Now, another generation seeks to discover their own truths. Tantalized by the telltale dance of distant shadows, they begin to make their way toward the light source. The flame, well stoked by elder pioneers, can provide lamplight, guiding their journey as they blaze their own trails toward deeper knowledge.

ASSACON, May ’06
San Francisco, California; Memorial Day Weekend
Workshop Title: Altered States of Sex, Love, Intelligence
Sobey Wing, Vancouver B.C. and Iona Miller, So. Oregon

The mixing of the psychedelic experience and the world of relationships can be a road to enlightenment or suffering. Love itself being considered a drug gives rise to possibilities of harm reduction approaches to the way we share energies. Sobey Wing and Iona Miller provide an inter-generational bridge in a culture lab investigating the potentialities of dyad voyages from preparation to post-integration of the entheogenic experience. Use of aphrodisiacs will also be touched upon. Looking at questions that hinder our intimacies and create armoring of the heart, we will seek ways to empower the resource states in ourselves. Applications draw on tools that including free writing, discussions and breakout groups, movement and self hypnosis as we explore ways to re-pattern mind states to anchor more sacredness in our love and sexuality.

MENTOR, Iona Miller: Writer, hypnotherapist, cybersybil and multimedia artist Iona Miller contributed to Psychedelic Monographs & Essays, Psychedelics Reimagined (Autonomedia) with Timothy Leary, and Consciousness Technologies II, Sisters, Oregon, July 19-22, 2001. Dreamhealing and psychotronic work with Dr. Stanley Krippner is recounted in Chaosophy Journal. Co-author of The Modern Alchemist and The Magical & Ritual Use of Perfumes.

CO-PRESENTER: Sobey Wing, Neo-tribalist
Straddling a homebase of the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver BC I am rural and urban immersed. I work my steady job at Sativa Hemporium in East Van 3 days a week which affords me an outpost for interaction with the general public. I supplement my income and diversify my experiences with work as a promoter for Ekstasis Dance ( pushing the Kundalini Dance work of Antara Decker with facilitator Luna Ravenchild. I am also in service through the Iboga Therapy House, Mindbodylove Harm Reduction Project, and the Tribal Harmonix Collective of which i am a co-founding member. Our events include the annual Intention Retreat (, as well as the annual Earthdance Vancouver ( with the occasional summer event which have included the Reconvergence of the Tribes as well as Freq On. As a neotribalist and catalyst of emerging paradgms I facilitate workshops related to altered states, harm reduction, conscious relating and sacred sexuality. My next series of 7 is called Bridging the Gender Divide in February. Also I am deeply honored to be in San Francisco for Assacon (Altered States and Spiritual Awakenings Conference presenting alongside a mentor I have been graced with in our dyad presentation. I value connections with those who are creating a new world with their everyday existence and making containers for magick to unfold.


The first ever NEXUS Conference in North America, coming Fall 2006, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

  SOBEY WING, Vancouver, B.C.

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  IONA MILLER About the author: Trandisciplinarian Iona Miller is a consultant, writer, hypnotherapist and multimedia artist doing groundbreaking work on the fusion of chaos theory and emergent paradigm shift in experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, philosophy, cosmology, medicine, creativity, art, qabalah, magick, metaphysics, and society. See her annual CHAOSOPHY JOURNAL at homepage Also visit 2006 UPDATES at and ARTLINKS at
  Iona and NEXUS Editor, Duncan Roads As a Nexus writer, I am really looking forward to the Vancouver event, already being a veteran of the Fall '04, Brisbane, and Spring' 05, Amsterdam events.

(c)2006 Iona Miller All Rights Reserved